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About Us

History of Pure Health Services

Founded in 2010 by our principal psychologist Ms Daliborka Lazarevic, Pure Health Services has evolved from a small clinical practice to a holistic organisation dedicated to assisting and serving individuals with diverse health and well-being needs.


Pure Health Services is dedicated to helping people improve their physical and psychological health and well-being as well as enhancing their overall quality of life.


Pure Health Services maintains rigorous standards of operation and consistently strives to deliver outstanding treatment options to every single one of our clients, while at the same time maximising their results and improving the overall quality of their health and well being.


The team that is committed to help and assist.


Our valued team comprises a dynamic group of professional and caring practitioners dedicated to the provision of a holistic therapeutic approach, strongly focused on maximising the effectiveness of service delivery at Pure Health Services.


Our dedicated team is committed to spreading and upholding the primary message that natural health makes a real and positive difference to peoples’ lives. We are focused on maximising the overall health and well-being needs of our clients.


The team at Pure Health Services comprises


Ms Ivana Milicevic


Ms Ivana Milicevic, a friendly administrative member ready to greet and assist from the reception area of our practice location. Compassionate and attentive, Ivana is always ready to assist with all of your product and service orders and enquiries. As a bilingual administrative member, Ivana is ready to provide assistance in English, Serbian, Bosnian, Croatian, and Macedonian languages.




Ms Daliborka Lazarevic

Clinical Psychologist

Ms Daliborka Lazarevic, a Clinical Psychologist with 15 years of combined training and practical experience, passionate about assisting and attending to your psychological health and well-being needs. Ms Lazarevic’s professional qualifications comprise a Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology), a Bachelor of Applied Science (Psychology), a Master of Psychology (Clinical), and certified training in Clinical Hypnotherapy. She is also a Member of the Australian Psychological Society (APS) as well as a Member of the APS College of Clinical Psychologists.


As well as holding full registration with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA), Ms Lazarevic holds Endorsement within an approved area of practice of Clinical Psychology. An endorsement of registration recognises that a person has an extended scope of practice in a particular area because they have an additional qualification that is approved by the National Board,


See Endorsement of Registration Fact Sheet (56.7 KB,PDF)


Endorsement of Registration Fact Sheet


Ms Lazarevic’s recognised area of practice endorsement of Clinical Psychology means that clients accessing psychology services under the Medicare Better Access to Mental Health Initiative are entitled to the highest available rebate for Psychology services under this Medicare Initiative. See Medicare.


Ms Lazarevic is passionate about maximising psychological change through the application of evidence-based therapeutic treatment modalities with principal training in the provision of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Acceptance Commitment Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, and Solution Focused Psychotherapy.




Mr Dusko Bunijevac

AltasPROfilax Specialist

Mr Dusko Bunijevac, a fully-qualified AtlasPROfilax specialist and a member of the International AtlasPROfilax Association. Mr Bunijevac obtained his internationally recognised AtlasPROfilax qualification in Vienna (Austria) through the Atlasprofilax LLC North America and Australia training program, approved for the safe and effective practice of the AtlasPROfilax®  Method.


The AtlasPROfilax® Method is a safe and effective one-time application procedure that utilises a controlled vibrational massage of the neck muscles, carefully designed to facilitate the reconfiguration of the positioning of the Atlas - fist cervical vertebra that allows for the architectural reconfiguration of the musculoskeletal system, subsequently activating a self-healing process of the whole human organism.




Ms Marina Krasavcic

Life Coach

Ms Marina Krasavcic, an accredited and fully-qualified Life-Coach has obtained her training through The Coaching Institute, Australia’s No 1 Life Coaching Institute. Marina is also the founder of our Life Coaching and Stylistic Coaching (link coming soon) programs, dedicated to transforming and enhancing people’s lives. Marina has a unique style of assisting clients in a way that effectively maximises their results, helps improve their self-esteem, life direction and overall quality of life.


Marina’s passion for transforming people’s lives is driven by her personal success story where through courage, determination and coaching assistance she managed to successfully transition from the field of accounting to the field of life coaching that is her true calling. Marina’s mission rests on the premise that personal success carries an obligation to extend the same journey to others, optimising the quality of their lives.


She believes that learning, growing and investing in self is essential to creating prosperity, personal satisfaction and happiness in life. Marina enjoys being able to help and assist others on a great scale.




Mr Svetozar Lazarevic

Our Pride and Passion

Mr Svetozar Lazarevic, a valued member and a true driving force behind the passion, spirit, motivation and dedication of the whole team at Pure Health Services. Mr Lazarevic is the absolute inspiration and motivating force driving our philosophy that: Natural is The Best.


Diagnosed with an aggressive form of stage 3b stomach cancer Mr Lazarevic continues to defy the odds three-and-a-half years after his diagnosis. Undeterred by the numerous challenges of a cancer battle Mr Lazarevic has dedicated his life to self-healing and remission maintenance through the application of a truly pure and natural healing and lifestyle approach that comprises lifestyle and dietary changes based on a raw-food diet method and the use of natural tinctures.


Enlightened by his personal journey of learning, adjustment and perseverance, Mr Lazarevic is passionate about extending the discovered benefits of his journey to the wider community and is always willing and eager to share his personally acquired knowledge with other like-minded individuals. Whether it is over the phone or face to face, Mr Lazarevic is always willing to share his free time and assist through sharing information about his journey of self-healing.