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What is the Atlas?

The Atlas is the first cervical vertebra. Along with the second vertebra, it forms the joint connecting the skull and the spine.


What is the function of the Atlas?

The atlas not only carries the skull, but is responsible for the suspension, equilibrium and management of the spine and human skeleton. In most cases, the atlas is in a malrotated position and thus, the cause of pain and discomfort.


What is an AtlasPROfilax treatment?

The treatment is a controlled vibrational massage of the neck muscles that allows the atlas to move into its natural position. It is done without cracking or traction. This safe, sub-occipital massage is performed in a single session and provides long-term results.


The release of muscular tension in the neck corrects ligamentous and muscular compression on the atlas vertebra. The atlas return to its position produces a positive effect on the body and stimulates its own healing capacity.


Over a million people in Europe are already enjoying the benefits of this simple and effective method. Call today for a free consultation and start living without pain. 


A malrotated Atlas can be the underlying cause of many health problems


A misalignment of the atlas leads to continuous pressure of the spinal cord, brain nerves, blood vessels and lymphatic channels causing serious physical pain, discomfort and adverse changes in posture. We observe great results with common ailments, as seen in the table below.


In a study of 114 patients conducted by The Institute for Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology in Mulheim, Germany, Dr. Rainer Seibel, MD confirmed our theory of the malrotated position of the first cervical vertebra. Seibel and his team have been researching spine conditions at the Mulheim Institute of Radiology for over 24 years. The C1 vertebra was rotated and tilted in almost every one of the 114 patients who were examined.


According to Dr. Seibel, “the malrotation (craniocaudal) is accurately and safely corrected by the unique AtlasPROfilax method with only one application”. This massage does not pose any health risk because it is gradual, not abrupt. The mechanical vibration is tailored to each patient depending on his or her age, height, weight and health.


The AtlasPROfilax application can be performed only by an AtlasPROfilax specialist, educated and certified at the AtlasPROfilax Academy Switzerland®.


Mr Dusko Bunijevac is a certified AtlasPROfilax specialist trained within the original and unique method by the AtlasPROfilax Academy of Switzerland.




Dr. Linda Galic, Internist


“My daily intense headaches, numbness in my hands, pain in my neck and shoulders have all disappeared. I could not believe such results!”


Dr. Tedi Gavranic, Anesthesiologist

“As a doctor I know the danger of manipulating the spine and neck and therefore postponed this treatment. But I was pleasantly surprised that the AtlasPROfilax massage was safe, without any rough handling.”


Dr. Stacey Poole, Doctor of Chiropractic

“Right away I felt so much lighter, and I could walk much better at age 83. I don’t have to wear insoles anymore since the AtlasPROfilax treatment, which I had to wear for 30 years due to my pronated foot.”


Petar Muslim, Olympic Gold Medal Winner


“My neck mobility is now optimal. I feel much better and without any discomfort.”



The $300 fee includes the treatment and follow-up.

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