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Life Coaching

Life coaching is a great way to find more success, satisfaction and happiness. A good coach can help you discover new and better directions of life, and best of all how to get progress towards them.


Having a skilled life-coach by your side can make a huge difference when you want to make changes in your life, relationships, career, fitness, health, as well as overall prosperity, helping you discover the true purpose and adding meaning to your existence. 


Many life coaches are well-trained and committed to helping their clients achieve their goals, but there are no restraints on people without qualifications setting themselves up as “coaches”.


Pure Health Services is proud to offer a unique “Coached 4 Life” program developed by our program founder Ms Marina Krasavcic, a certified Life Coach by The coaching Institute, Australia’s No 1 Life Coaching Institute.


Exclusive features of the “Coached 4 Life" Program:

  • Complete assessment of current status in the important areas of your life.
  • Clearly defined targets and meaningful life directions.
  • Formulation of the gap between your current status and ultimate prosperity.
  • Full assessment of barriers holding you back and fuelling your procrastination.
  • Complete step-by-step action plan crucial for activation and progression.
  • Action activation worksheets to fuel your inner power and determination.
  • A uniquely developed gains maintenance plan to ensure ongoing accountability and ultimate life prosperity.

Through this uniquely designed 5-session transformation program, you have the opportunity of joining many others who have successfully taken themselves and their lives to the next level.


Take your life to the next level, call 03 8358 5330 and let the transformation unfold.